Our Island Azores

Ourisland Azores is a new travel Agency made by people who believe culture is of great importance in any touristic activity. They leverage the azores culture in all that it encompasses: History, stories, popular festivities, geological heritage, biological heritage, and sports.

The Azores are more and more a destination of excellence. A destination for nature tourism, and adventure tourism. The volcanic landscape provides different sensations in each island, and the climate gives you the possibility to explore it in the spring or fall, since nature lovers don’t worry with a little rain, and the temperatures are mild all year around. Sure that during summer time everything is warmer, being it the weather or the people, since most popular festivities happens during this period. For those looking for a more maritime experience, spring and summer are the time to choose, sea water reaches a pleasant 24 degrees celsius. During spring you can also do amazing whale watching because beside our favourite sperm whales, all the baleen whales will also cross our north atlantic seas.

Ourisland operates on the Azores triangle islands of Faial, Pico and São Jorge. And they are deeply informed and involved in the whaling culture. Most of their itineraries include visits to the Whaling Museum in Lajes do Pico as well has interpretive routes trough places and heritage related with the azorean whaling culture and history. Almost every little harbour village in the Azores triangle islands has a whaling story to tell, but you’ll never know about it if there’s no one there to tell that story.

Ourisland guides are great hosts, enthusiastic about their culture they will make sure your stay is fun and valuable. They will deliver an exceptionally familiar and warm experience wether you choose one of their trips or if you decide to contact them and make your custom schedule

Ourisland Azores travel agency

Sunset from Portugal’s highest mountain, Pico




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