“Whales and Whalers” tomorrow at Horta

Thinking on the foreign community living in Faial. The film documentary “Whales and Whalers” (english subtitled) will be shown on Tuesday the 2nd of June, 2015 in the Public Library at 9pm (Biblioteca Pública e Arquivo Regional João José da Graça – Horta)

To serve the American whaling industry, in the nineteenth century, thousands of Azorean sailed all the seas of the world to hunt the whale. And later, some of them implemented the coastal whaling in the Azores. A culture and a heritage that is lively even today, although whales are no longer hunted.

Whaling in Azores rallied the whole family around the whaler. With the burst of the rocket at the lookout post, they ran to see him leave and, with their eyes on the horizon, longed to see him arrive. In small open boats with hand throwing harpoons, entire generations slumped to the whale. Today you still can navigate in the whaleboats, but now only for sport and pleasure, near the coast, away from the whales. However, the old whalers knew how to catch Moby Dick. Whaling was in fact their lives.

 “Whales and Whalers” is a documentary film, with 138 minutes, directed by Luís Bicudo and filmed in Faial and Pico.

My grandparents. Whaler and whaler’s wife from Pico Island.


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